Mitrice Lavon Richardson (LBNF)

Mitrice Lavon Richardson (born April 30, 1985 – remains found August 9, 2010) was a 24-year-old American woman who went missing on September 17, 2009, after being released from a jail in Calabasas, California, where she had been taken after behaving erratically at a restaurant. She was missing for 11 months before being found deceased in August 2010 by park rangers who were in the area to inspect a marijuana grow site.[1]

Richardson’s parents have maintained that their daughter should never have been released on her own by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, given her obviously disturbed condition. In 2011, they won civil lawsuits against the county of $900,000 in damages. In January 2017, the California Attorney General‘s office concluded an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Richardson’s release from jail and decided not to bring charges against anyone involved in her release.

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